This is a one-off review of Z Code System. Why one-off? I write one-off reviews when there are too many variables to reasonably assume that other people will get the same results as I do. With Z Codes System there are 250+ systems and 5000+ trends, but don’t worry, there is a tonne of help to assist you in finding the systems that are right for you.

Z Code System has been going for some years now and is primarily focused on American Sports. However, it does cover football, soccer if you must, Tennis and plenty of other sports. If you bet every selection they propose over the past 3 years the equity curve looks like this

Yes that is $3million, but you simply cannot bet everything. However this graph suggests that these guys know their markets. We need a way to filter the selections in to something we can follow.

First stop is the Fast Start Webinar tutorial, don’t attempt to use Z Codes System without watching this video. Having watched the video you are in a position to select some experts and/or some automated systems. Please remember a key advice from the tutorial, you only need 2 or 3 systems to be profitable, so my recommendation is to start with one expert OR one automated system and add further systems once you are comfortable. Something you need to consider is the time and frequency of selections, are you able to place the bets?

So you don’t miss selections, there is an app, Sports Trader, you can download to your phone so that you alerted when a bet is advised (note that you can access the same data via a web page). You can also use “the wall”, a sort of real-time chat box where bets are also posted.

Once you have access too Sports Trader, you can use the portfolio advisor to help you select automated systems too follow.

A super part of the portfolio advisor is once you have configured it there is a suggestion of how much you need to invest for your selected stake.

Once you have applied the portfolio suggestion, you can examine the equity curve for this configuration and see if you are happy with it. The following is for Football, Tennis and Rugby with options 2, 3 and 4 as shown above.

So over $20k profit in the last year using $10 bets, yep, I’m interested in that! Once you have this configured the Sports Trader app, or web page, will inform you when selections are available. I have gone for the 1 hour before game starts option otherwise you get a lot of time-sensitive bets using games already in-play. However, this does limit the number of bets you get.

 If you are new to betting, don’t worry, the betting advice is clear on what to bet with information to help you find the match at your bookmakers and includes the stake.

There is a wealth of information available, including a User Forum and the ability to build your own systems. You would explore these at leisure once your initial set up is configured. As a reminder the Fast Start Webinar tutorial is the place to start. By starting small and concentrating on only a few systems you can handle the amount of data on the site, otherwise it will overwhelm you.

One issue is the recommended bookmakers. The suggestions include Pinnacle and 5Dimes which are blocked to UK residents. This does mean that you may be unable to place every recommended bet as UK-based bookmakers may not offer that market. On the plus side though, some of the bets can be placed on the exchanges and this will help keep you under the bookmakers’ radar. An odds comparison site is going to be your friend here but I found Bet365 offered most of the bets Sports Trader throws up.

Z Codes System has a Trustpilot of 4.7 from 60 reviews so a lot of folks rate this service highly too!

The forum is a great feature as Z Code Systems is also a community of investors who share their knowledge and are keen to help you succeed.

With many profitable systems, and many profitable experts there is strong income potential for this service. I am, therefore, more than happy to approve this service.

You can get Z Code System here