My month with Zulutrade has ended and I was locked out of the account over the Easter period unfortunately and despite appeals to them for access to my trade details they say that this is not possible.

I had noted just a day or so before the account closed that it was running at -176 pips however, this did not account for any open positions. Checking the history folder for the two positions that I had open via the SL25 signal provider shows that they are still being held open. The earliest of these positions is from 18th March, the other from the 24th are currently around -580 pips. Given that the previous losses by SL25 had accounted for -365 pips and nearly 13% of my demo account funds, it would perhaps not be unreasonable to guesstimate that this entails a current  drawdown of somewhere in  the region of another 20% or more of the account.
The signal provider SL25 is still showing good profits overall, showing that the strategy does work but gains are small with pips in low, double figures and potential losses are huge relatively speaking considering the target profits.
The service offered by Zulutrade is such, that as middlemen they have little or no control over the people registering to offer a signal service or for that matter, the strategies employed by them excepting to flag the signal providers as ‘risky’ and thus one would really need to scrutinise one’s chosen signal provider very carefully over an extended period if one decided to trade with real money.

For those people that would find it impossible to trade during the day, Zulutrade do offer this option.
Out of curiosity I have registered another demo account this time with just the Hunter as my sole signal provider and they showed a small 8 pip profit on one trade, same account size as previous (50k). I may in due course add another just to see  if this type of service offered by Zulutrade can actually work.