5th May

Since we now find ourselves at the end of two months worth of Zulutrade demo account I feel it is appropriate to round up the situation so far.

My only Signal Provider; The Hunter, hasn’t been prolific, having made just eight trades since 7th April. Since the previous interim update three trades have lost nine pips from the 16 the account was up, leaving the $50k account just $56 to the good. A seven pip gain on Cable has been undermined by losses on USDCAD of 0.8 pips and EurJPY for 15.4 pips. The Hunter has made no trades at all since 23rd April.

Clearly, one full month plus and seven pips profit is pretty poor by any standards and I am not sure what to make of it as to why the performance of the Signal Provider has declined since my initial post, in fact overall, they seem to have made little headway at all in all that time excepting their History folder indicates 120 pips since the beginning of March 2010.

I had a look at the other methods and user names The Hunter goes under with Zulutrade and some of them were in profit, though most of them were much higher risk strategies than the one I chose. The Hunter has another 30 days to show some sort of worth before I reach final conclusions of this particular signal service.

I have not had cause to contact Zulutrade for a long while however, when I had need to the replies were reasonably prompt and courteous.