22nd April

Since my previous update my chosen signal provider; The Hunter, has placed a few trades on the account.

There have have been a few trades on the Major pairs; NZD/USD (+7 pips), Eur/JPY (-5 pips and +1 pip) and one on the GBP/USD for +5 pips, leaving a total so far of +16 pips and just over $157 profit on the 50k account (Ca. 0.3%). Clearly, hardly Earth-shattering profits, but, steady and sure profits nonetheless in just 16 days and 5 trades.
The biggest drawdown on any trade was -32 pips, all of the others were either negligible or zero perhaps it could be said to be demonstrating far more discipline than the efforts of one of my former signal providers, and it has seemed as if this current strategy is far more in tune with how I would care to go about trading myself.

Would I trust this person to trade my Live account? No, not yet, and probably most unlikely to be honest, it will need far more to convince me that someone that I wouldn’t know from Adam, had my money and thus best interest’s, at heart.
There are 8 days left on this particular demo, I intend to carry the signal provider over to a new account and further trialing.

I feel that there is a lot more to come from this signal provider as their History folder shows them to be 1043 pips in profit from 55 weeks on the Zulutrade site.

I have revised the maximum number of lots that can be opened at any one time to 2 and and used a maximum number of trades at any one time to 2 also.