I have been asked by Graham to blog and monitor Zulutrade.

Zulutrade are a company that list a host of Forex Signal Providers that traders can assess and trade through by using the traders knowledge and experience. Some trade by EA others will have their own manual methods.

You have to sign up with one of  Zulutrades referering broker partners for Zulutrade to receive their commission on your trades so it is not a free service by any means or if you already hold an account with one of the brokers you need to notify your broker that you wish Zulutrade to act as an intermediary and transfer permission over to them.

The trades placed are done so remotely, so that the signal provider has no details of your account. There is also no need to keep your PC on either as all trades are executed from Zulutrades server.

You can choose a signal provider based on a range of their listed performance figures, whether it be trading style, pips won, success rate or drawdown et al., the choice is  entirely up to you. It is possible to limit how many orders providers can have open at any one time and the size and number of lots also.

I have a demo account of 50k set up and will report back my experiences of both Zulutrade and my chosen signal provider(s).